Today’s Outfit Inspiration: Posh Polish

I think this look pretty much epitomizes the type of style I wish I embodied every time. While I definitely have the neutral and classic thing going, in case you haven’t noticed from my recent posts, I’m feeling like now that I’m in my, ahem, third decade here on earth (excuse me while I break for a mini freakout), that it’s time to take my style to a sleeker, more sophisticated level. And this simple, seemingly uncontrived, but incredibly polished and chic, look embodies where I’d like to be with my style. Okay, it might be a little more on the where-I’d-like-to-be-at-40 side of the style spectrum (I’d like to think that I still have some years left to experiment with more trendy, fashion-forward looks and different styles), but it’s still represents the general direction I want to go in (though along tying into my commitment issues, that commitment sorta wavers at times, with Tory Burch boho, Atlantic-Pacific/Olivia Palermo modern prep, Jenna Lyons tomboy prep, fashion editor all-black edge making bids for dominance at times). Still, this look is what I think ultimately I’m most drawn to, inspired by, envious of, and the clean lines, elegant simplicity, luxurious tailoring feel very much in line with what I think my style icon CBK would be wearing these days, which is further proof that this is how I’ll look at 40 (well, with blonde hair). In any event, this is what I will strive for when dressing today at the very least.



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