White Wash

As much as a I love pops of color and prints, I find myself drawn to mostly white rooms. I think it’s the clean look, which has a peaceful, calming effect on me. And then there’s the non-commital nature of white… As someone who has spent over two years debating throw pillows, my trouble committing to a single style or palette, especially when a mega-purchase is/could be involved (like say, the rug or couch or headboard that choosing a throw pillow could lead to), is no joke. And that’s what makes always-neutral, ever-versatile , goes-with-everything white my go-to color for my home. Though the pressure I felt to add color while living with white rental walls, pushed me to offset my mostly white-and-wood apartment with pops of blue (which, yes, feels a bit nautical with our not one, but yes, the three, sailboat prints hanging on our wall — I blame the fiancé), but I am thinking of quite literally wiping the slate clean. In other words, I’m considering ditching that blue — save for the blue in our white-and-blue rug — and replacing it with more white, some creams and maybe a bit o’ beige or gold (we have a single goldish/sand chair) for a more neutral, modern, sophisticated and peaceful space. These super-cool mostly white-washed rooms are definitely moving me in that direction.


{via Daily Crushes}


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{via Daily Crushes}


{via Daily Crushes}

The next room has me thinking that maybe I just need to white the slate a little cleaner. The blue looks so bright and chic against all this crisp whiteness.


{via Daily Crushes}

Or perhaps I should swap the blue for brown — it looks slightly more sophisticated (and fiancé-friendly) and a lot less preppy and expected for this preppy couple.


{via Daily Crushes}

Maybe more muted touches of brown would feel less committal and more calming…

{via Daily Crushes}

{via Daily Crushes}

Then again, white and wood is oh, so chic — and  really serene. Perhaps, letting wood (and even leather — like that black leather chair that, surprisingly, I like) serve as the accents


{via Daily Crushes}


{via Daily Crushes}

Then there’s the perhaps more urban-friendly sophistication of a black-and-white palette. I am generally not a fan of orange, but in subtle doses against a mostly white room bordered in black, I love it… Maybe it’s time to reconsider a monochromatic apartment.


{via Daily Crushes}

Or, maybe a softer blue, with equally soft touches of green, would bring the calm — and the color — without recalling a cliché preppy/nautical theme. This room feels more soft and inviting but equally as sophisticated as the brown-and-white or black-and-white spaces. But then again, those rooms feel more fitting for a Manhattan apartment. See what I meant about having commitment issues?


{via Daily Crushes}

I’ve been feeling that now’s my time to do the more modern, more sparse loft-type décor of an urbanite — and I should take advantage and save the nautical prints for the beach house I’ll have someday soon and the more rugged, Ralph Lauren decor for my future ski chalet and the soft blues and greens for my master — or probably guest bedroom — for my country mansion. Hey, I may have commitment issues, but at least I have no question about what I eventually want. Hey, a girl should dream big, shouldn’t she?


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