PJ Party. How to Wear PJ’s During the Day

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wear your pajamas to work — or even to your next cocktail party? Well, then wanna here the best news ever? You can — and rather than a bum, you’ll be considered super stylish. Designers threw us PJ-loving creatures of comfort a bone with their resort collections, which were full of souped-up pajamas like this sequined and striped version.


I don’t know about you, but I love a great pair of  pajamas. When I was in lower school (my small day school’s term for K-5 grade), my favorite day ever was Pajama Day. The once a year event was like a dream come true for a girl who loves PJs and put comfort first even from a young age. So I couldn’t be more excited that it’s now completely acceptable to wear pajamas during the day…outside…and even to work.


Now, I’m not talking about that ex-boyfriend’s perfectly worn-in T-shirt and your favorite flannel pants from college. What makes these grown-up PJs work-appropriate is that they look — and feel — too nice to sleep in.


Made of silk and decorate in rich prints and colors, they just need a pair of heels and a killer bag and tailored jacket to take you to the office (well, a creative office) and out.


Yes, you can even substitute these fancy PJs for a cocktail dress (just add a pair of heels and a clutch), and you’ll be ready for bed as soon as you get home.


If you’re still not sure about the whole rolling out of bed look (even if it’s a super luxe bed), you can always break up the PJ set and pair a pajama top with piping or in a print with tailored pants or skinnies.


Or, consider pairing a pair of silky pajama pants with a fitted tee and blazer or oxford for the office and a slouchy sweater or tank (tucked or untucked depending on your style) for brunch and weekend errands.


{images via Tumblr; Pinterest; Vogue}

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