Brrrrrr. What to Wear On A Chilly May Day

What happened to spring? Though the sun is back after a streak of rainy days, the temperatures haven’t quite followed suit here in NYC, where it’s in the upper 40s/lower 50s once again. What to wear when winter’s heavy sweaters and cords feel out of place, but the temps call for something heavier than spring’s floaty dresses and skirts? Here’s what’s inspiring my style during the chilly start to this week.



Pink Coat and Flower Applique Skirt, Outside Chloe aa65b66dd4623e23c4fd4efeeaa41a20 4b7d824328aa44e1d5980785404824ac




lauren santo domingo

girls with pants

{Images via Pinterest;;GastroChic;; Tumblr; Ferragamo}

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