They’re Back! How to Wear The New Culottes

Street stylers at Fall 2013 Fashion Week made one thing clear — the culotte is back and better than ever. The wide-legged ankle pant has a reputation for being hard to wear, which helps explain its lengthy stay in fashion … Continue reading

PJ Party. How to Wear PJ’s During the Day

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wear your pajamas to work — or even to your next cocktail party? Well, then wanna here the best news ever? You can — and rather than a bum, you’ll be considered super … Continue reading

I Want to Try That Trend: Army Jackets

Amazing what a touch of fur (faux or real — your call), some black trim, a new color, or a contrasting color can do to an army jacket. I’m hoping to find one of these in the end-of-season sales. It’s … Continue reading

Shop the Trend: Check Mate

Shop the Trend: Check Mate

Shop the Look 8. Stella McCartney leopard print top 2. Zara top 1. Forever 21 cotton sweater 5. Kate spade 6. Kelly Wearstler patterned skirt 4. Bottega Veneta leather sandals 3. Kate spade … Continue reading