I’m Also Stealing My Saturday-Night Look From Gwyneth Paltrow

After Gwyneth Paltrow inspired my Friday outfit with her chic black-and-white Isabel Marant dress and Michael Kors peep-toe booties, she’s nearly completed my weekend wardrobe, with a little Saturday night outfit inspiration as well. I mean, how sexy/sophisticated/just plain awesome is the Victoria Beckham mini-dress  and neon orange and black Michael Kors sandals GP wore to Tracy Anderson’s Flagship Studio opening last night.

The opening of the Tracy Anderson Flagship Studio

GP in Victoria Beckham at the opening of the Tracy Anderson Flagship Studio

Holy hotness. Can you believe this woman is 40? I am not really a purple person, but GP’s look has me thinking maybe I could be?

The opening of the Tracy Anderson Flagship Studio

GP’s Neon orange and black ankle-strap Michael Kors Sandals

Also, I’m shopping Michael Kors’ spring shoes pronto — these babies are even more amazing than yesterday’s peep-toe booties. In fact, stay tuned for a post on MK shoes, because the king of sportswear hit a home run with his spring shoe line. But in the meantime, let Gwyn inspire you to get a little flirty this weekend.

The opening of the Tracy Anderson Flagship Studio

GP in a Victoria Beckham dress at the opening of the Tracy Anderson Flagship Studio

BTW, Milly did a similar style — the Saxon Belted Satin-Panel Dress — in a darker purple/blue (as well as pink, black and green) at a more affordable price point than VB’s version.


Milly’s Version on Sale

Milly’s version of this flirty silhouette came out months ago, so if you can find it in your size, you can scoop it up on sale. Bergdorf’s still has a few sizes left in the deep blue, as well as the green and black, and for the daring, it’s available (and on sale!) in aqua leather on MillyNY.com.

The opening of the Tracy Anderson Flagship Studio

I’d visit GP’s blowout bar, wouldn’t you?

On a final note, I was thinking of getting the Karly Kloss chop for spring, but GP’s bouncy blonde blowout has me thinking otherwise. This may be the picture I bring in as an example of the color/cut/style I want for spring — and it’s a testament to the power of a good blowout. I just started forcing myself to learn how to do a good DIY blow-dry — which believe me, says a lot since I can barely be bothered to wash my hair, let alone dry it — and the positive reinforcement I’m getting from the compliments on my “new look” has inspired me to wake up early at least once a week to wash and dry. But the transformative power of a good blowout like Gwynie’s makes it easier to understand why some women shell out professional blowouts several times a week — and why the blowout biz is on the rise (and why Gwyn is getting in on it, along with Rachel Zoe).


GP’s recipe for style success

Bottom line: This week, Gwyn has really demonstrated that the amazing effortless-chic style we’re all trying so hard for (or at least this girl is) really centers around three main ingredients: a cute dress, good shoes and a bouncy blowout. GP relied on just those three key pieces — no accessories really, barely-there makeup, no fancy updo or complicated layers — and she’s never looked better.


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