Can We Talk About How Amazing Karlie Kloss’ Hair/Makeup Is?

I can’t get over how amazing Karlie Kloss’ hair/makeup looked at NYFW yesterday. Her layered bob inspired me to chop my hair (though I didn’t have the balls to go as short as she did — hey, four inches was a big step) — I love how she styled it in a sorta messy/wavy effortless way. But the way she paired it with a subtle cat eye and classic red lip — plus, those perfectly-plucked arches and dewy skin — took it to the next level. The look is so modern.

Karlie Kloss at NYFW

Karlie Kloss at NYFW

I think this is my going to be my going-out look this weekend.

My only thing with the red lip look is that I think you really need to have absolutely flawless skin like Kloss’ — and though I generally don’t wear any makeup (well, these days maybe some under-eye concealer), my uber sensitive fair skin easily flushes/irritates so it can get a reddish flush at any point during the day, which makes me shy away from doing the red lip. But for a non-makeup-wearing girl, I’m thinking a red lip should be my new best friend (aka the two sec trick to make me look polished without any work), especially after seeing how fab Ms. Kloss looks here.


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