So Wrong, It’s Right?

It’s no secret that Taylor Tomasi Hill has killer style, but I also love how she has this uncanny ability to make something that should be a don’t a do. I can’t figure out how she does it — and I venture to say that no one else can or there’d be millions of TTH carbon copies everywhere — but somehow she makes something that should be so wrong, look so right.


Man’s Flannel + Man’s Button-Down + Criss-Cross Style Rapper Pants + Gold Studded Belt SHOULD = grunge garbage, but not on TTH


Preppy Dad’s Golf Vest + Oversized Men’s PJ Topt + Sexy Secretary Skirt + Army Green + Ruffled Tulle Hem SHOULD = Disaster, but not on TTH

{Images via Tommy Ton Tumblr; Jak & Jill Blog}


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