So I’m Surprisingly Obsessed with H&M’s New Eco Evening-Wear Line

I totally didn’t think I was going to be loving H&M’s new eco evening-wear, Exclusive Conscious Collective this much. Evening-wear at prices affordable to the masses rarely screams the sorts of chic cocktail dresses and dream-worthy gowns that will turn heads, upstage the bride, and land you a best-dressed spot for the night. And I hate to say that I’ve found very few eco-friendly clothing lines that genuinely don’t read “eco.” But seriously, this collection isn’t just getting tons of hype because of the massive PR blitz — although there’s plenty of that, complete with celebrity endorsements and a Paris runway show. But it’s actually packed with styles I want in my spring evening-wear lineup — in fact, I almost (stress on almost) wish my spring and summer was packed with weddings again so I’d have someplace to wear them all. Check out my picks from the line — the whole collection is on their site but you still have to hit up a brick-and-mortar to shop it, which reminds me: Yo, H&M, when are you getting that e-commerce site up and running?!?!


H&M Exclusive Conscious Collective


H&M Exclusive Conscious Collective


H&M Exclusive Conscious Collective


H&M Exclusive Conscious Collective

HM-Exclusive-Conscious Collection20

H&M Exclusive Conscious Collective


H&M Exclusive Conscious Collective


H&M Exclusive Conscious Collective


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