Headboard Heaven

I’m a big believer in the idea that when it comes to designing a bedroom, it all stars with the bed. In fact, I truly believe its one room that really requires a functional approach to décor because sleep = happier, healthier, skinnier (if you haven’t heard about the sleep loss/weight gain studies, get out of the rock and google it) you. So in addition to wanting to invest in the most luxurious, comfy, sleep-enhancing pillows, mattress, featherbeds, whatever, I’m rethinking our headboard situation. I am loving the fabric ones that are big right now, but I also think that a statement headboard could help break the matchy-matchy nature of the masculine bedroom set from my fiancé’s living-solo days (in fact, the headboard is what makes the set not my fave — I don’t really mind the dresser or nightstand and if I really decided I do, some paint and knob changes could completely transform them). Point being, I’ve been thinking about replacing the headboard, and while I like the idea of a simple neutral white that’s versatile with whatever we change next or where we move next, I also like how a bold headboard can become enough of a statement piece to set the tone for the entire room, allowing you to get away with less wall coverage etc.


Tropical-Preppy Floral Print
{via Lonny}


Feminine Floral Print
{via Lonny}


{via Daily Crushes}


Blue-and-White Shell Print


Blue-and-White Print


Blue Studded


A statement color with white piping


White with Blue Trim

My hesitation with a headboard that has a pattern or even just a color other than white? What if I get sick of it, and/or decide I want to try another color scheme or style? Is a statement headboard better for a guest or kid’s room or master until I get sick of it and move it to the guest room?


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