A Glimpse Inside Aerin Lauder Effortless Elegance

Aerin Lauder is featured — along with her chic apartment — in the new issue of Elle, and I had to share some highlights, because I love this woman. (Here’s the full article on Elle.com) The Estee Lauder cosmestics heiress could have easily just been a figure-head at the company, but she played a real role in expanding her grandmother’s company before breaking off to launch her own makeup & now lifestyle brand, Aerin. Plus, she’s a natural beauty with an equally understated, but always polished, approach to style. It’d be easy to hate her but she makes it all seem so natural and easy that you just want to befriend her and find out all her secrets, which is probably why I’m not the only one who is beyond pumped that she’s ventured into shoes, home accessories, and now jewelry and sunglasses with new collaborations with Oliver Peoples and Erickson Beamon.


Fresh & Feminine


Bold Boho Meets Posh Prep


Classically Sleek

“… Lauder describes her aesthetic ideal as ‘ease and American effortlessness.’ She name checks Lauren Hutton, photographer Kelly Klein, and New York City Department of City Planning director Amanda Burden by way of example. They’re the sort of women who can make a blazer and Converse look the epitome of chic or, in the case of Hutton, at least, rock a backpack at a luncheon.”

 ~ Elle




Natural Elegance

“Estée always taught me the significance of living with style. I think there’s something really important about living in your home and enjoying it.”  ~Aerin 

Modern Classic

Modern Classic

See some of the jewelry from Aerin & Erickson Beamon’s new collab — and if you missed it, here are my favorites from Aerin’s first shoe and home collections.


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