Black and White Bedrooms

I’m currently feeling very conflicted over what to do with our bedroom. Our furniture in there currently consists of a few fairly modern pieces of furniture painted what I call “black” and my other half calls “dark wood”  (for the record, we all know it’s black) from the fiancé’s bachelor days. While black, somewhat modern/somewhat masculine furniture (especially a collection) isn’t exactly what would be my first pick, I feel like given our current budget and list of other things we would like to spend our money on, I should embrace it full force rather than what I’ve been doing — trying to tone it down with blues and feminine pieces. The problem: Our rug, which was gifted to us by a kind friend with a fancy schmancy carpet cleaning business, is a pale blue and white (think: the perfect run for a beach house or guest room). Part of me thinks I should consider moving the rug out of the bedroom and into the dining room and replace it with a black-and-white or plain white rug. To help me solve this ongoing décor debate I’ve been having, I decided to round up some inspiration to decide on the type of room I really want right now, so I can move toward it. As you can tell, first up are black and white bedrooms. Check out more of the monochromatic bedrooms I’m coveting now.

{Images via Houzz & House Beautiful}

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