Black and White is the Official NYFW Uniform. Shocking, Right?

If you live in NYC and work in fashion, chances are black is your official uniform. Still, many editors will whip out their more colorful and eye-catching pieces for those front-row shots at fashion week. But not this season. Black … Continue reading

Olivia Palermo Nails the Perfect Nemo Outfit

Super snow storm Nemo has really made picking out an outfit for New York Fashion Week a challenge, but leave it to Olivia Palermo to put together a stylish storm ensemble. Love the hat — I have a similar one … Continue reading

Jessica Chastain Has the Best Winter Wardrobe

Jessica Chastain, aka the next Meryl Streep, is one of my faves these days. Beyond her style — which is ahhh-mazing (!), she’s a real (read: not cookie-cutter) beauty and a talented actress. But back to her style…the girl has … Continue reading

Need Help Nailing the Layered Look? Let Jenna Lyons Help

Need Help Nailing the Layered Look? Let Jenna Lyons Help

Like everyone else, I worship J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons’ modern preppy look — not to mention the way she revolutionized one of my favorite brands, her signature lenses and red lips, or the sick townhouse she decorated to such perfection that … Continue reading