Weekend Wardrobe: Hot, Cold, Just Right

Weekend Wardrobe: Hot, Cold, Just Right

The weather is in that weird in-between stage where you actually have to check the forecast because you know it’s not just going to be cold again or hot again. It could be 50 or even (almost) 60, or 30. … Continue reading

Today’s Definitely A Jeans Day

It’s a low-key week at work, with no interviews or other on-camera appearances scheduled so far and few appointments/out-of-the-office engagements. Sometimes it’s really nice to have a boring week — not just because it gives me time to catch up … Continue reading

How to Dress for Winter Weather While Nodding to Spring

Yeah, the forecast calls for cold … again. Awesome, right? The only thing that will get me out of bed on a day like this? A great outfit. Thank you  J.Crew for providing me inspiration for a winter-to-spring transitional outfit … Continue reading