Shopping List: My Picks From Kate Spade Saturdays

Kate Spade is killing it these days — so I’m not surprised that I’m already obsessed with just about everything from the preppy brand’s new lower-priced line, Kate Spade Saturdays. And when I say (or should I say, type) “obsessed,” I mean so obsessed as a quick perusal of the site’s goods resulted in a shopping cart filled with over 25 items. But what really surprised me about the line was that it wasn’t just the slightly younger, slightly more cutesy, more tween-centric collection I thought it was going to be. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to discover the slightly edgier, slightly sexier, slightly more grown-up collection that is Kate Spade Saturdays. Here’s what landed in my shopping cart/on my wish list.


Kate Spade Saturdays


Kate Spade Saturdays


Kate Spade Saturdays

Check out the whole Kate Spade Saturdays collection — then tell me what made its way into your cart.


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