Floor-Length Mirrors — Not Just For the Dressing Room

I’ve been all about getting a floor-length mirror for our bedroom seeing as not having one makes it hard for me to get dressed — which is actually a job hazard for someone in fashion. But these chic rooms have me contemplating a floor-to-ceiling mirror for our living room as well. I had thought a hanging mirror for the wall, perhaps one of those sunburst styles, would be a nice way to make the room appear larger, but these oversized reflectors more than double the size of these living rooms and with the right frame, they’re a chic way to decorate a large expanse of wall space, which we happen to have despite living in a NYC-sized apartment. Hmmm…think floor-lenght mirrors with a slightly rustic wood frame is my new online-shopping obsession.


{via Daily Crushes}


Double Trouble


Regal Reflector


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