Pop It Like It’s Hot

As someone who is allergic to pretty much all the standard ’80s fashion symbols — shoulder pads, leg warmers, side ponytails… — I never thought I’d say this, but I’m finding myself loving the neon trend that doesn’t seem to be going away. I think it’s because it’s being used sparingly and styled in decidedly modern, pared-down ways. Though I have yet to invest in a hot hue, I’m considering a highlighter-yellow sweater or hot  pink dress to electrify my ensembles until spring. Thoughts?

fneon 055

Neon + Black and White


Neon Clutch 


Hot Pink Suit + Crisp White Coat

39th Annual People's Choice Awards

Neon + Lace


Neon + Tweed

Nadira Bakytzhankyzy

Cobalt + Neon Yellow



Bright Bag


Tonal Brights


Neon denim


Pop of Pink


Neon + Camel



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