Loving This Glamour Girl’s Work Uniform

I love Racked’s profiles of what peeps are wearing to the office at some of the hippest places to work around the city, including moi (twice actually from my wedding and shelter mag days!).

I was especially excited to see this week’s latest installment featuring the girls at Glamour magazine, my old stomping grounds. Though only one of the ladies, Maria Dueñas Jacobs, featured was there when I was at 4 Times Square, she happened to be wearing my favorite look.

I’ve always admired Maria’s style since we were starting our careers as assistants at Glamour, and I love that she didn’t stray from her super-polished tomboy style for this shoot, because somehow she always manages to look utterly fabulous and completely comfortable in simple yet ridiculously chic basics, which is basically my goal every day when I get dressed. Check out what she wore and her awesome style advice — then go see all the Glamour girl’s (and guy’s) stylish work wardrobes here.


I love what the Senior Accessories Editor had to say about her style too. It’s such a simple formula but it works so well. Definitely inspiring me to invest more in timeless basics and statement accessories.

“I tend to stay away from pieces that are too girly or fussy and usually add an element that feels a bit more masculine or tougher to the look (a motorcycle boot, a plaid shirt, etc). I definitely gravitate toward comfortable clothes. My go-to outfit is a skinny pant and a luxe oversized sweater accessorized with bold jewelry, cool shoes and a great handbag. I also love a standout coat; I think it’s a perfect way to finish off a look.”

My best advice is to wear what you feel good in! Determine your absolute favorite pieces in your closet, the ones you wear most (a tulip skirt, a button down shirt, a pair of trousers) and use these key pieces to make a sort of “uniform” for yourself.”

“I own and wear a TON of button-down blouses and crew neck sweaters (from super light weight to thick cashmeres). I wear both key pieces throughout all seasons. In the summer with cut offs or white jeans and in the winter with leather skinny pants and a blouse layered under my sweater.”

Smart lady, huh?


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