Style Profile: I’m Loving This ‘Teen Vogue’ Ed’s Eclectic-Chic Layering Style

Teen Vogue editor Mary Steinmiller stands out among the sea of editors at fashion for her eclectic style. It’s feminine and preppy yet sporty and fashion-forward, with a vintage feel. In other words, it’s impossible to predict, and that’s what makes it so fun to follow her. She’s a pro at layering, always coming up with creative ways to dress up and style a sweater and skirt, so she’s a great source of inspiration for getting the most out of the separates in your closet and cozying up in style when the weather is chilly.

101260691591317585_GB8qPy1P_c 206813807858139231_0PdX2Biw_c 172966441909958187_k5I6XTIZ_c 150096600050495119_88OsUGPJ_c 57772807691426799_Vt7SEUqg_c 191121577906057851_vYPfTdPK_c 101260691592844981_3Qp0JTu2_c tumblr_lffpl7vP391qgpt5ho1_400 tumblr_lj26fqZ3O01qg1o7fo1_400 tumblr_ljih7lfWFn1qh24n6o1_500 tumblr_m6nl9icj2v1r4ae0to1_500 tumblr_mavdvuj1df1rgo77co1_500


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