Sweet Dreams: Inspiration for Our Bedroom Makeover

I’ve been in nesting mode lately (perhaps it’s the idea that we’re going to get to register now that we’re engaged), so I’ve been thinking of new ways to freshen up our space, starting with our bedroom.

I haven’t decided which direction I want to go in, but our current direction (bachelor pad bedroom furniture from Andy’s single days mixed with slight feminine touches from my single days), which is the opposite of chic. I haven’t even begun narrowing down my bedroom makeover ideas to a single aesthetic, but even those these rooms are all over the place in terms of style, I think it helps to gather all the stuff you’re loving in one place to identify the common attributes they all share as a first step toward honing your style. Some common denominators I’ve found so far: soft headboards, mirrors, blue and white, neutral backdrops with a mix of prints, neutral rugs,  monograms, pops of pink and feminine touches, white sheets with color-coordinated borders (typically blue), ikat, diamond cross prints, stripes, florals.

What are the common denominators in the bedrooms you love?


Books, sea-foam, and preppy-feminine print


White with pops of prints


Doesn’t this remind you of Carrie’s bedroom from SATC?


Neutral with a touch of ikat


Preppy prints, leopard, monogram, blue and white with pops of pink


Blue, white and red; preppy prints; neutral back drop; mirror; soft headboard


Blue and white with pops of pink and yellow, preppy-feminine patterns, white backdrop, mix of prints, scalloped sheets, monograms, florals


neutrals: gray, tan, white; mirror, chandelier, ikat, pop of prints, cozy, diamond print


Dark, masculine, white bed, oriental rug, white sheets with border


White backdrop; black, white and yellow; peppy, feminine print; yellow; florals; stripes; diamond print; print mix


blue and white; white sheets with blue border, soft headboard, mirror, printed rug; foot of bed bench/stool


white curtains; neutrals; black, white, pale purple; cozy


White and neutrals; soft headboard; chandelier; white curtains; mirror; cozy


Neutrals; canopy bed; framed galleries; camel/stone; animal rug


neutrals; masculine; chandelier; stripes; artwork mix; stripes; pattern mix



blue, white & pops of pink; ikat; print mix; cozy; framed art;


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