It’s Not Just Jenna Lyons’ Style I’m Obsessed With…

It’s not just Jenna Lyons killer style that has me — and the rest of the world — obsessed. After her Brooklyn townhouse was featured in Domino, it was clear that her whole life is about creative, amazing style, including her office at J.Crew. It reflects the same sort of genius mixing and matching of unexpected pieces and styles with chic results that have breathed new life into J.Crew and made her style so fun to follow. The chic without trying slightly mismatched, slightly undone look is just so chic. Google “Jenna Lyons Office” just to see how many people are inspired by her space as well — it’s kind of ridiculous how cool this former “not-cool-kid” (as she said when accepting a Glamour WOTY award this year) is in every way.

After looking at Jenna’s office, I’m starting to think it’s time to spruce up my own workspace with some style. Maybe it’ll inspire me to lead a more creative and fashionable life overall a la Ms. Lyons.



Jenna Lyons

381786_10151298115147090_1663208843_n tumblr_lwb5kam1nS1qzcq51o1_1280



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