How to Cozy Up in Style

It’s been preeettty cold here in New York. All I’ve wanted to do is to slip on some fur-lined Uggs and cuddle up under a big sweater when it’s this cold, but these style setters are inspiring me to get through the dead of winter in style. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the mid-winter wardrobe pick-me-up too.

Julianne Moore keeps warm with a jacket, beanie and fingerless gloves as she goes for a stroll around NYC's Meatpacking District Olivia Palermo Takes Mr. Butler For A Stroll 725bdfa77f2116f396967c9e27d58155 02e4eef98c06761194cd56f79954c562

Atlantic Pacific 

257268197433704874_Gj2cMyDT_c cc4aa0ff0782c3b034e5b1bdaa4a9c81 196469602463652344_71vfzH4z_c 144889312981706668_pZEdGRmR_c

242842604879088218_rlRn3exX_c 60446819970269578_k4gnfCdc_c 235664992973084903_B8XO7pkw_c 699b4b076639afa1f9d6171d60c79231205899014183978756_J1PtTL3g_c 96334879501220307_Vx3YgQy2_c FFN_Ambrosio_Alessandra_EXC_Pablo_011513_50991694 Model Coco Rocha wears a furry coat as she goes for a stroll with her husband James Conran in New York City 238972323947773749_xCtLBpKC_c Irina Shayk Takes A Stroll Through The West Village



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